Teledyne LeCroy's MDA8000A Motor Drive Analyzers.

Teledyne LeCroy’s MDA8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers offers 8 high definition channels

  • The Motor Drive Analyzer (MDA) MDA 8000HD operates the same acquisition platform as the WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscope announced yesterday by Teledyne Lecroy.
  • This instrument features 8 digitized analog channels with 12-bit resolution at a sampling rate of up to 10 GS/s.
  • The analyzer, with a 15.6-inch touch screen, covers a 2 GHz bandwidth and offers up to 5 gigapoints of memory.

This motor control analyser can, via Teledyne Lecroy’s OscilloSync technology, be combined with another MDA 8000HD to form a 16-channel analysis system, twice as many inputs as before.

Depending on the models, these oscilloscopes have a bandwidth of 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz and 2 GHz and offer a maximum memory depth of 50 Mpts to 5 Gpts (two channels used). Their maximum sampling rate can reach 10 GS/s on 8 channels in ESR (Enhanced Sample Rate) mode, which combines filtering and interpolation techniques to maintain measurement accuracy.

Like the MDA800A analyzer, the new analyzer has static and dynamic three-phase power analysis capability and can perform all the tests to be performed on a motor control system.

The MDA 8000HD analyzer can capture signals from the three-phase power conversion device, inverter, power transistors, motor speed sensors, angular and torque sensors, and the integrated controller, while performing mechanical and three-phase electrical power analysis.

Power measurements can be performed under dynamic operating conditions. Signals are then generated per cycle, displaying power values and their evolution over time. These recorded signals can then be correlated over time using the Zoom+Gate feature to isolate dynamic events and correlate them with other power or control behaviours.
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