Multi-device synchronization function from Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments offers a multi-device synchronization function

  • Zurich Instruments offers multi-device synchronization (MDS) to synchronize its synchronous detection systems and arbitrary wave generators (AWGs).
  • Multiple instruments can be connected and controlled from a single interface.

The MDS function supports synchronization of the 10 MHz clock and the sampling rates of each connected instrument. This makes it possible to synchronize several separate instruments without the need for a multi-channel instrument. This functionality can be applied to existing measuring systems.

The LabOne software provided by Zurich Instruments allows measurements to be made simultaneously with several instruments. The acquired data are time-stamped in the same way, which allows for precise assignment and analysis of each measurement point.

LabOne also offers a range of signal analysis tools: synchronous detection, parametric scanning, signal generator, oscilloscope, FFT spectrum analyzer, spectroscope, digitizer).

The MDS function can be installed on existing Zurich Instruments synchronous detection systems and arbitrary generators by upgrading LabOne to version 17.12 at no additional cost.