HDAWG arbitrary waveform generator of Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments offers a real-time pre-compensation option for its HDAWG generators

  • Zurich Instruments offers a real-time pre-compensation solution for its HDAWG range of arbitrary waveform generators.
  • By reverse filtering, pre-compensation minimizes the effects of wiring imperfections and ensures that the signal applied to the equipment under test is identical to that delivered by the HDAWG generator.

Several types of filters are available to correct AC coupling, inductances and parasitic capacitances, impedance mismatches, unwanted oscillations of amplified signals, etc.

With the HDAWG-PC Real-time Precompensation option, each of the channels of the HDAWG generator (with 4 and 8 channels) is equipped with a digital filter chain between the waveform generation unit and the digital-to-analog converter. Each filter can be individually activated and configured in situ while monitoring the effect on the signal of the device under test, as displayed on an oscilloscope.

The LabOne pre-compensation simulator allows the measured signal to be matched with the simulated effect of the reverse filter and the appropriate filter parameters to be identified. Once this operation is completed, the user can launch the LabOne AWG Sequencer application and rely on the waveform of the displayed signals.

Real-time pre-compensation takes into account the signal history over long periods of time without consuming waveform memory. This feature is also compatible with dynamic sequencing when the signal pattern is only known when the test experiment starts.