Accelerate your design and test workflow

  • The use of separate tools and the compartmentalization of workflows between product design and testing phases is not conducive to an optimal product development cycle.
  • Keysight Technologies offers to discover the TestOps approach – DevOps for design and testing – which allows you to take advantage of connected and flexible design and testing processes.

According to Keysight, companies that adopt DevOps workflows report a 29% improvement in the productivity of their engineers.

This new approach to linking design to workflows is based on: common data exchange, open APIs, implementation of optimal measurement technologies, scalable architecture that can be used anywhere, and integrated analysis and visualization.

According to Keysight, this approach makes it possible to gain efficiency at all stages of the implementation of the product life cycle. But to maximize its capabilities, hardware and software deployments are not enough. A change of culture is essential.

Keysight offers you the opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of connected and flexible design and testing, and to discover how TestOps can accelerate your product development workflow.
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