Keysight’s PathWave design, simulation and test software platform

Keysight announced PathWave, its design and test software platform

  • Keysight Technologies announces the launch of PathWave, an industrial software platform supporting the entire development cycle: design, test, measurement and analysis.
  • PathWave aims to accelerate product development from design to installation through fabrication.
  • This open, scalable and predictive software platform integrates the hardware and software necessary for every step of the product development process.
  • It combines design, instrument control and specific test software in an open development environment.

PathWave’s role is to ensure the consistency, accuracy and integrity of measurements. The software platform provides flexible access to design and testing tools at the right time. The interoperability of design and test tools, as well as advanced data management, means that individual measurements can be avoided and test plans redefined at each stage of the product development process.

According to Jessy Cavazos of Frost & Sullivan,”Most product development cycles are disconnected from each other, which complicates design and testing at each step, and results in slower time-to-market. With PathWave, Keysight unifies the development workflow from design to testing throughout the product lifecycle. Users share the same experience and data formats.”
PathWave connects and integrates all design and test resources:

  • Open APIs to simplify customization
  • Integration with third party hardware and software technologies
  • Connecting compatible hardware to speed up workflows

PathWave offers flexible computing power to accommodate different workloads:

  • Operates locally, in the Cloud or in a hybrid way
  • Processing test data through workflow, locally or via the cloud
  • Reduction of transition times between the various design and test phases

PathWave provides analysis tools for troubleshooting:

  • Data analysis to identify trends and solve problems
  • Monitor the usage and operating status of each test resource
  • Capture and analysis of large volume data

PathWave offers a set of integrated, connected, interoperable and reconfigurable solutions for the entire design, testing and validation process :

  • Allocation of appropriate IT resources where and when needed
  • Evaluation of collected data to optimize workflow
  • Ensure that new hardware and software work with existing resources
  • Prevent and correct bottlenecks
  • Review of project status from anywhere