Xilinx FPGA

AMD completes acquisition of Xilinx

  • AMD had announced on October 27, 2020 its intention to acquire Xilinx through an all-stock transaction valued at $35 billion.
  • The California-based company has announced that it has received approval from all necessary authorities to proceed with the acquisition of its American compatriot.

With the exception of the remaining customary closing conditions, all closing conditions for the transaction have been satisfied and the company expects the transaction to close on or about February 14, 2022.

The transaction is designed to bring together the offerings of the two U.S. semiconductor suppliers that address complementary applications.

Xilinx is a California-based company founded in 1984. It is the inventor of the FPGA (field-programmable gate array) circuit. An FPGA is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by its user or a designer after its manufacture. It is therefore “field programmable”. The FPGA configuration is usually specified in HDL (hardware description language), similar to the one used for an ASIC.

Xilinx FPGAs are integrated on signal acquisition and processing boards in PXI or PCI format. User-programmable FPGAs allow for real-time custom digital signal processing, reducing the workload on the host PC or control unit microprocessor.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is an American company founded in 1969 and based in Santa Clara, California. It manufactures and markets semiconductors, microprocessors, graphics cards…