Teledyne SP Devices ADQ8-4X PXI digitizer

Teledyne SP Devices announces the ADQ8-4X series multi-channel digitizer with embedded FPGA

  • Teledyne SP Devices announces the ADQ8-4X 2 or 4-channel signal acquisition board with 10-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 4 GS/s.

This board in PXI format, which embeds an FPGA circuit open to user programming, differs from the ADQ8-8C model previously announced by the manufacturer by offering a higher sampling rate and a software-selectable two- or four-channel operating mode.

Its programmable analog front end provides versatility of operation and the ability to use it with a variety of detectors in physical research or other industrial applications.

Digitized data can be transferred to the host PC at a rate of 2.6 GB/sec.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) supplied with the board contains application programming interfaces (APIs) and drivers for C/C++, Python, etc. It also includes the Digitizer Studio software which allows the configuration and control of the card as well as the realization of measurements and mathematical processing and the display of the acquisitions.

Large-scale multi-channel signal acquisition systems can combine different models of SP Devices digitizers to perform simultaneous acquisitions on a large number of channels distributed over several chassis with a time synchronization better than 200 picoseconds.
# Key Features of the ADQ8-4X

  • Analog front end programmable in number of channels, sample rate, DC offset and input voltage range
  • 10-bit resolution
  • Sampling rate: 2 GS/s in 4-channel mode and 4 GS/s in 2-channel mode
  • 1 GHz analog input bandwidth
  • Programmable Xilinx FPGA for real time customized digital signal processing
  • 1 GB onboard memory
  • Hardware trigger and multi-channel synchronization capability
  • Available in PXI Express format