Digitizer Studio Software from Teledyne SP Devices.

Teledyne SP Devices launches Digitizer Studio for data acquisition configuration and analysis

  • Teledyne SP Devices, one of Teledyne Technologies’ business units, announces the launch of Digitizer Studio software.
  • This versatile software, which offers a variety of configuration, control and display functions, is designed to drive the company’s signal acquisition cards and data processing.
  • Digitizer Studio operates as a stand-alone software, but can also be used by embedded systems and OEMs.
  • Digitizer Studio, which was developed in collaboration with digital oscilloscope specialist Teledyne LeCroy, benefits from the company’s 20 years of experience in the development of signal acquisition software.

The software, which runs under Windows and Linux operating systems, provides full access to the underlying Application Programming Interface (API) via a graphical user interface.

Through various features, Digitizer Studio aims to simplify the operation and configuration of signal acquisition boards.
The integrated error checking process ensures parameter validity. This allows the user to become familiar with the hardware and during debugging operations when developing custom software. The detailed view provides information about various parameters: range of values, unit, data type, granularity of values, default values, etc. The detailed view also provides information about the parameters.
The diagram view illustrates how each parameter is associated with the underlying hardware architecture. It also allows you to explore the interdependencies of the parameters by automatically activating/deactivating them in real time according to the values of other parameters.

Advanced configuration settings can be managed via a table view. With this matrix view, the user can apply settings at the board or channel level individually or in groups. The values of multiple parameters can be copied and pasted to simplify replication to other multi-channel acquisition systems. Configuration settings can be saved to disk and then restored to the same configuration at a later date.

Digitizer Studio offers a variety of features that facilitate test and measurement operations and performance evaluation.
Common parameters such as spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and total harmonic distortion (THD) can be measured with Digitizer Studio.

Mathematical processing such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), averaging, and record selector allow more detailed analysis of the acquired signal characteristics. The signals can thus be evaluated in the time and frequency domain directly within Digitizer Studio.
The acquired data and the outputs representing their mathematical processing can be displayed in independent or multiple graphical windows. Cursors, markers and zoom functions allow detailed evaluation of the acquisitions.

Captured waveforms can be saved to disk in a variety of formats for later reuse. In particular, data recorded with Digitizer Studio can be used as input data for testing during custom software development.