Teledyne Lecroy WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscope.

The WaveRunner 8000HD Teledyne Lecroy oscilloscope stands out with its 8 digital channels on 12 bits

  • Teledyne LeCroy is further expanding its line of high definition (HDO) products with the WaveRunner 8000HD series oscilloscopes.
  • These oscilloscopes are distinguished by the doubling of the number of available channels digitized in high resolution.
  • These instruments combine in the same box 8 analog inputs associated with a signal digitization system with a resolution of 12 bits up to 2 GHz.

The WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes use the HD4096 High Definition technology of the American manufacturer. This makes it possible to convert 12-bit signals from analog to digital over the entire bandwidth of the instrument without compromise or software artifacts, insists Teledyne Lecroy.

The WaveRunner 8000HD family includes different models with bandwidths ranging from 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1GHz and 2GHz. Their maximum sampling rate can reach 10 GS/s on 8 channels in ESR (Enhanced Sample Rate) mode, which combines filtering and interpolation techniques to maintain measurement accuracy.

With a 15.6″ touch screen, 16 additional digital inputs, maximum memory depth from 50 MPts to 5 Gpts (for two channels), 12-bit resolution analog signal conversion system and simultaneous display of waveforms from each of the 8 channels, these oscilloscopes are particularly well suited for testing applications of power conversion devices and embedded electronics systems such as those found in the automotive industry.

With the new OscilloSync technology, two WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes can also be connected to form a 16-channel synchronized acquisition system from a single display and front panel.
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