Swiss Communication Competence Center (SCCC)

Anritsu and Yotavis open laboratory for testing communication technologies

  • Anritsu and its Swiss distributor Yotavis have opened a laboratory called Swiss Communication Competence Center (SCCC).
  • This telecom test lab, located in the Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel/Bienne, offers companies the possibility to test the quality, performance and compatibility of their new products in a neutral and confidential environment.

The Swiss Communication Competence Center (SCCC) aims to provide a creative space to accelerate the use of modern communication technologies by products under development such as autonomous cars, drones, wearable devices, IoT equipment, etc. It provides companies with a range of test and measurement equipment, as well as a team of specialists in the field of telecom technologies.

“Testing guarantees the quality of products. That’s why we decided to provide the SCCC with our most advanced technology to support the entire ecosystem in the development process of their products and accelerate the time to market of their innovations. We want to establish a strong cooperation with all stakeholders to ensure that the Center of Excellence becomes an open environment for students, start-ups, our customers and other organizations,” said Riccardo Rossetti, Managing Director of Anritsu EMEA GmbH.

At each stage of product development, engineers from Swiss and European companies must implement various testing methods to verify the performance of their devices. The SCCC, which is equipped with a range of “off-the-shelf” instruments, offers the possibility to conduct these tests faster and at lower cost.

The equipment available at SCCC can emulate 3G, 4G and 5G networks, as well as WLAN and Bluetooth or IoT wireless networks. The SCCC offers the means to measure high-speed links in wired LANs and WANs, providing data on error performance, fiber link quality, and more.

“This laboratory is based on the concept of a “sharing community”. Its mission is to provide easy access to advanced test and measurement solutions. Engineers in sectors such as electronics, healthcare, education or research will have modern technologies at their disposal without having to invest in sometimes expensive equipment,” explains Stefan Junker, CEO of Yotavis AG.

The concept of the test lab is also supported by ASUT, the independent Swiss association of the telecommunications industry.