Anritsu's LTE-Advanced ME7873LA RF Compliance Testing System

Anritsu ME7873LA Platform Achieves PTCRB Certification

  • Anritsu announces the LTE-Advanced ME7873LA RF Compliance Test System has obtained world-first PTCRB certification for RF Conformance Tests of 5 Downlink Carrier Aggregation (5DL CA).
  • According to Anritsu, the ME7873LA platform is the first and only test system to have obtained this certification to date.

The combination of the ME7873LA with PTCRB-approved 5DL CA and MIMO supports downlink throughput speeds of 1 Gbps for a smooth transition to 5G with faster and larger data transmissions. The entry into service of mobile telephone networks according to the 5G standard is planned for mid-2018 in North America and Japan.

The PTCRB is a certification body that defines specifications and test methods to ensure interoperability of mobile terminals on global wireless networks. PTCRB 5DL CA certification was established in April 2018.

The ME7873LA is a test platform for verifying that the RF TRx characteristics, performance, etc., of LTE/LTE-Advanced terminals are in full compliance with 3GPP standards. In addition to legacy W-CDMA, the futureproof ME7873LA supports both the latest LTE-Advanced Pro, IoT standard and newer standards under discussion.

As well as R&D test functions, FDD and TDD mobile frequency bands and TRx tests are supported along with freely customized system configurations for performance and RRM tests. It is also used as an acceptance inspection test system by mobile carriers, especially in North America and Asia.