Anritsu's MT8870A Universal Wireless Communication Tester

The universal wireless tester MT8870A from Anritsu used by Huawei

Anritsu announced that Huawei has adopted its MT8870A wireless test platform for its RF calibration and validation tests.
The MT8870A universal wireless tester is compatible with the NB-IoT Hi2110 and Hi2115 chipsets, designed to integrate devices used for IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Anritsu’s MT88xx series cellular connectivity and communications verification methods are designed to improve Huawei’s product quality and production efficiency.

For Huawei: “Anritsu offers us the ability to fully calibrate and validate our chipsets, both at the R&D stage and during the production phase, meeting our requirements for accuracy and repeatability. With Anritsu’s MT8870A wireless tester, the procedure for RF calibration and verification of NB-IoT components is better assured. »

Anritsu’s wireless tester provides RF calibration and verification of wireless communication technologies embedded in IoT modules and components. Hisilicon chipsets and automated test software, combined with MT8870A provide a RF test solution for connected objects.

The NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT) standard uses a small portion of the bandwidth of LTE mobile communications (4G and future 5G) to connect objects wirelessly. Supported by numerous traditional mobile telephone equipment manufacturers, it aims to counter the ambitions of LoRa and Sigfox in particular in a market with strong growth potential.