Anritsu's MS46131A VNA module in USB format

Anritsu’s MS46131A Vector Analyzer Module Rises in Frequency

  • Anritsu extends the frequency coverage of the MS46131A series vector network analyzers.
    These modular, single-port analyzers now cover a frequency range up to 43.5 GHz.
  • Three variants are now available covering frequency bands from 1 MHz to 8 GHz / 20 GHz / 43.5 GHz.

This compact single-port module can be connected directly to the device under test (DUT), thus dispensing with connection cables.

The MS46131A is a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) in modular format and can be configured for each user session for each port.

Two single-port modules can be controlled from a computer. The instruments can be moved between two test setups, depending on the number of ports required.

The instrument, which requires a 12V power supply, connects via USB to the PC, which drives it via the ShockLine software.

The measurement results are transferred and saved to the external PC for storage or further processing.