R8100 LMR communication analyzer from Freedom Communication Technologies (FCT).

Astronics announces the acquisition of Freedom Communication

  • Astronics, a provider of test solutions for aerospace, defense and other industries, announced the acquisition of Freedom Communication Technologies (FCT), a designer and manufacturer of communication test equipment for the mobile phone market.

Astronics acquired 100% of the shares of FCT for $22 million in cash.

“FCT’s wireless communication test solutions complement those we have,” said Peter J. Gundermann, Chairman, President and CEO of Astronics.

Based in Kilgore, Texas, FCT was founded in 2015 and offers communication analyzers to test and maintain LMR (Land Mobile Radio) communication systems. Among the four main instruments in its range is the R8100 model (photo) covering frequencies from 1 MHz to 3 GHz and equipped with an integrated battery, tracking generator, spectral analyzer, etc.

FCT also provides an extensive range of capabilities, including automated radio testing and alignment, coverage mapping, and interference analysis.

In 2018, FCT generated revenues of $11 million and is expected to contribute approximately $10 million in the second half of 2019.