Averna RP-6500 RF Record and Playback platform

Averna Announced the RP-6500RF Record and Playback platform for GNSS Applications

  • The Canadian Averna announced a wideband RF Record and Playback platform for multi-constellation GNSS applications.
  • The RP-6500, designed to record and replay RF signals, offers an instantaneous bandwidth up to 500 MHz over a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.
  • The system can also capture other signals such as Wifi, GNSS, V2x, spectrum sharing, and cellular applications.
  • RP-6500 is designed for outdoor RF signal recording or laboratory testing.

The system, based on modular instrumentation in PXI format, was designed to be transportable in a car trunk for mobile recording applications and syncs with both a GPS and Averna’s DriveView software, for synchronized location and video capture that is time-aligned with your data.

Preloaded with RF Studio, RF record/playback software for capturing real-world RF spectrum, including GNSS, radio, video & location data. The RP-6500 Series allows to set up recordings, add contextual data, visualize weak signals, and analyze collected RF environments to validate and fine-tune designs and products.
# Averna RP-6500 Series main features :

  • Intuitive RF Studio user interface
  • 500 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth
  • Most common wireless protocols from 9 kHz to 6 GHz support
  • Dynamic range : 14 bits, ~ 86 dB
  • Form factor allows rack mounting or car trunk portability
  • Time-synchronized capture of RF, signals, and messages