MH60 probe for current measurement from Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux offers the MH60 probe for current measurement up to 100A

  • Chauvin Arnoux offers the MH60 current probe for use with a graphical multimeter or oscilloscope with a BNC connector.
  • This probe is used to measure and visualize currents in the field or in the laboratory.
  • The MH60 probe measures AC and DC currents on a frequency band of 1 MHz using dual effect technology
    Hall effect/Transformer.

With a tightening diameter of 26 mm and a measurement capacity of up to 100 A, Chauvin Arnoux’s MH60 probe is suitable for a variety of applications: power electronics, automotive, electrical equipment manufacturers, etc…

It is powered by the oscilloscope via a µUSB connector or via a 5VDC AC adapter. It incorporates a NiMh with an autonomy of about 8 hours.
# Main characteristics of the MH60 probe:

  • Current from 10 mA to 100 A AC+DC (140 Peak)
  • Output signal: 10 mV/A
  • Bandwidth: 1 MHz
  • Switchable filters: 30 kHz, 3 kHz
  • 26 mm clamping diameter
  • Electrical safety: 300 V CAT III or 600 V CAT II according to IEC 61010.
  • Automatic compensation system “ZeroDC” to protect against parasitic phenomena, magnetic and electronic drifts
  • Compensating system for the effects of land and other constant continuous fields in order to avoid the effects of the earth and other continuous fields problems with the position or orientation of the clamp that could distort the measurement

# Typical applications:

  • Control of power electronic command signals (PWM)
  • Monitoring the signal quality and efficiency (return) of a DC/AC converter
  • Control of the activation/disactivation of vehicle equipment
  • Control and visualization of signals in practical work (training, teaching)
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment, low power machines