OX 9104 Portable Oscilloscope of Metrix' Scopix IV Series

Metrix launches Scopix IV Series portable oscilloscopes

  • The portable oscilloscopes Metrix Scopix IV (OX 9062, OX 9102, OX 9104, OX 9304) are equipped with isolated channels between each other and grounded (600 V CAT IIII).
  • The Scopix IV is available in several models with two or four inputs and bandwidths from 60 MHz to 300 MHz.
  • These IP54 portable instruments offer several modes of use: multimeter, analyzer, recorder, and consultation of the files recorded on the oscilloscope.

These portable oscilloscopes are equipped with a 7″ colour TFT WVGA TFT display with backlit touch panel. Menus are available in more than 13 languages. The front panel keypad has been designed to simplify operation with protective gloves. It has 5 specific zones of direct access (Utilities, Measurements, Vertical, Horizontal, Trigger).

In the field, an adjustable strap makes it possible to use the instrument as a “hands-free” device, while in the laboratory it can rest on its stand. Each channel and its associated parameters are identified by an identical color on a black background. A set of interchangeable colored collars allows to associate the Probix accessory with the color of its lane. The Probix plug-and-play accessories facilitate their quick implementation and avoid connection errors. Sensor coefficients, scales and units as well as channel configuration are automatically managed. Probes and their adapters are immediately recognized when connected.

The individual communication interfaces are isolated from each other and from the measurement channels. A dedicated area protected by a protective cover gathers the various communication interfaces:

  • USB host for communication with a PC
  • Wireless or WiFi RJ45 for communication with a PC or printing to a network printer
  • μSD for storing data, updating the internal software of the device.

The Scopix IV range of oscillocopes is available in several devices with bandwidths from 60 MHz to 300 MHz.
They are equipped with a 12-bit resolution digital analog converter. In addition to its trigger functions (pulse width, counting, delay), these oscilloscopes offer 20 automatic measurements per channel associated with on-screen cursors. They have “Mathematics” functions to define, for each trace, a mathematical function and a vertical scaling with the definition of the associated physical unit.

These oscilloscopes have real time FFT computing capabilities in simultaneous waveform, associated with qualitative harmonics analysis, signal distortion, and impulse response.

The multichannel TRMS multimeter (8,000 points, 200 kHz) measures amplitude, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, and temperature.

Together with the logger, the Scopix IV automatically makes time-stamped graphic recordings. Power measurements are available in this mode: single and three-phase power, active, reactive, apparent and power factor. The multi-channel harmonic analyzer displays the first 63 rows for signals with a fundamental frequency between 40 and 450 Hz.

On the oscilloscope, the user can access reminders of stored curves in the various modes, and via a viewer to the screen copies. On the PC, using a ScopeNet application available via your USB or Ethernet internet browser, the user carries out the remote control of the device and its programming via SCPI commands.

The Ethernet network interface with ScopeNet web server, allows you to take control of the instrument remotely, to transfer curves or screen prints, without additional software.

Designed for electronic maintenance applications, the OX 9304 features 300 MHz bandwidth and 4 isolated 600 V CAT III channels, trigger functions, FFT calculation capabilities, mathematical calculations on curves, automatic 4-channel measurements and an integrated web server.

Intended for industrial maintenance operations, the OX 9062 has a 60 MHz bandwidth, 2 isolated 600 V CAT III channels, harmonic analyzer and multi-metre modes.
Key features of the Scopix IV oscilloscope range:

  • 60 MHz to 300 MHz bandwidth
  • 2 or 4 isolated channels
  • 30 direct control keys on the front panel
  • Sampling speed at 2.5 GS/s in single stroke and max. 100 GS/s in zoom ETS
  • Battery charge in 2 hours; battery life up to 8 hours
  • Communication interfaces : Ethernet/WiFi/USB/?SD
  • Storage on μSD beyond 32 GB: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • An Android ScopeNet application is available on Google store.