Anritsu's MD8475A base station simulator.

Comprion eUICC profile manager supports Anritsu network simulator

  • Comprion eUICC Profile Manager, a software tool for eUICC life cycle management, is enhanced by an additional connectivity option.
  • The software allows over-the-air updates of eUICCs and their profiles by means of a simulated network.
  • Starting with the Comprion eUICC Profile Manager release 1.2, the connection can now be established using the Anritsu MD8475A network simulator.

For over ten years, Comprion and Anritsu have been strong technology partners. “We have very similar customers, such as MNOs, test houses, or device manufacturers. In fact, many of our customers’ test departments are already equipped with an Anritsu MD8475A. These customers can now get more out of their network simulators by using them for the new testing challenges connected with eUICC life cycle management”, explains Jens Christoph, Director of the eUICC Test Solutions Business Unit.

Once an eUICC is permanently soldered into an M2M or consumer device, it is no longer possible to access the card by physical contact. With the launch of eUICC Profile Manager in September 2016, Comprion was the first test tool manufacturer that found a way to manage (load, delete, enable, and disable) profiles of an eUICC over a cellular network connection by using a simulated network.