Dare Instruments Decoupling Networks Decoupling.

Dare Instruments offers coupling decoupling networks that simplify conducted immunity tests

  • Dare!!!!! Instruments announces a range of Coupling Decoupling Networks to facilitate immunity tests conducted in accordance with standards on any type of connection cable of the device under test.
  • These EMC test devices are marketed by Hemera RF.

The international standard IEC 61000-4-6 covers the requirements for conductive immunity, the purpose of which is to prevent interference by radiofrequency signals with the operation of electrical and electronic equipment.

To perform an immunity test conducted on a device under test with several types of connection cables, it is necessary to implement different Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDN). Dare Instruments offers a new range to adapt when carrying out this type of test to all connections of the device under test.
# Main characteristics of Dare Instruments CDN :

  • A single model for all standards
  • Compliance with CISPR16, IEC61000-4-6, EN55015 and EN55035 standards
  • Complete range for different EUT cables (AF, M, S and T)
  • Each model covers a frequency range from 100 kHz to 300 MHz.
  • Standard RF input connection type N
  • Easy Magnetic-Grounding connection (patent pending)
  • Delivered with calibration certificate (optional accredited calibration).
  • Shorting- and calibration adapters available

Detailed characteristics of the Dare Instruments Decoupling Networks Decoupling.