Hilo Test CAR 1200 arbitrary waveform generator.

Hemera RF offers Hilo Test’s arbitrary CAR 1200/3000 generators

  • Hemera RF offers the arbitrary waveform generators of the CAR 1200/3000 series from the German manufacturer Hilo Test.
  • These compact instruments, designed for EMC testing, generate voltage variations on vehicle power lines.

These generators comply with international standards as well as those defined by manufacturers describing phenomena occurring on the vehicle power supply.

The arbitrary waveform generator of the CAR 1200/3000 series provides an optimal voltage source for simulating batteries up to 70V. They can simulate pulses of type 2b and 4, the starting profile, the superposed alternating voltage and other phenomena, up to a battery current of 40A/100A.

As an option, these generators can be combined with CAR-TEST-SYSTEM 14 and PG2804 solutions. The CAR-TEST-SYSTEM 14 system allows the generation of transient immunity test pulses, pulse #1, #2 and #3. The PG2804 generator provides load dump pulses according to ISO16750-2 (Test A, Test B (Clip)).

The CAR-remote software makes it possible to control the generator from a PC via an Ethernet link. It also allows the documentation of tests according to the IEC 17025 standard and the evaluation of test results.

The PC software can be used to access standard control procedures (ISO, VG, specific to the vehicle manufacturer) or to define and execute individual control procedures step by step. Voltage curves up to 16 Mech. can be generated.
# Characteristics overview of arbitrary waveform generators CAR 1200/3000:

  • Battery simulator
  • Bandwidth DC to 200kHz
  • Bandwidth of the DC signal at 1MHz (low signal -3dB)
  • 4 quadrant amplifier
  • CAR-AWG 1200 : Max. 75V Vpeak / 40A ( 100A short)
  • CAR-AWG 3000 : Max. 70V/-30V Vpeak / 100A
  • Rise time up to 100V/µs
  • Sense lines
  • Arbitrary waveform up to 16MS/s – 20MS/s
  • Selectable output impedance 0 at 200mΩ
  • Overvoltage protection