MOL2000T optical system from Montena.

Montena announces the MOL2000T multi-channel optical transmission system

  • Montena’s MOL2000T system is designed for the transmission of analog electrical signals (CW and pulses) with frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 3.5 GHz.
  • This solution from the Swiss manufacturer ensures the transmission of signals over long distances (from a few meters to hundreds of meters) in harsh electromagnetic environments.

The electrical input signal is conditioned and converted into an analog optical signal in the transmitter module and sent to the receiver module via an optical fibre cable. The receiver module converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. The transmission of the optical signal is regulated by an automatic level control that maintains accurate and constant performance regardless of optical losses. A second optical fibre serves as a control and supervision channel between the optical transmitter and receiver.

The battery-powered optical transmitter includes remote-controlled attenuators and preamplifiers to adjust the level of the received signal for optimal use of the dynamics of the optical transmission link. The optical transmitter module can be put into low-power standby mode remotely to conserve battery power when not in use. An integrated rectangular pulse generator can be remotely activated to check the integrity of the link. A DEL indicator indicates the operating status.

Configurable settings can be controlled remotely by an Android or Windows software application.
# Features overview of the Montena’s MOL2000T system:

  • Available in point-to-point and multi-link versions
  • Remotely selectable attenuator and preamplifier
  • Automatic regulation of optical losses and temperature compensation
  • Battery operation, battery level monitoring and standby mode
  • 19″ 2U chassis
  • Up to 10 channels per chassis
  • Integrated microcontroller with Ethernet / HTML interfaces
  • Configuration tool based on FibREmote Windows