Dare Instruments's RadiPower RPR3006W power meter probes

Dare! Products is now called Raditeq

  • The Dutch holding company Dare!! consists of two entities, one dedicated to calibration, EMC testing and certification and the other specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of RF and EMC test instruments.
  • To avoid any confusion between these two branches, Dare!! Products is renamed Raditeq, while the service company continues to operate under the name Dare !! Services.

Dare !! Services offers calibration services for electronic measuring instruments as well as product and system certification, testing and inspection services for CE marking, especially in the field of product safety and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). Dare!! Services carries out tests on products, machines and vehicles in order to evaluate their immunity to electromagnetic fields and radio interference.

Within the Dare!! holding, Dare!! Products B.V. is responsible for the development, manufacture and marketing of measuring instruments and associated software. These products were marketed under the brand name Dare!! Instruments. Since November 16, 2020, to avoid any confusion, all activities related to RF and EMC instrumentation and test systems will continue under the name Raditeq B.V.

“When we adopted the name Dare!! the term was fresh and innovative. However, it is no longer exclusive, nor does it reflect what we do. Our business in the market for EMC measuring instruments and high-frequency electronics needed to adopt a more appropriate name. We chose Raditeq. The name of all our products starts with Radi for “radiation”. ‘’Teq” refers to the technology, which is spelled with a Q, meaning ‘quality’,” says Patrick Dijkstra, Director of Raditeq.

Raditeq’s offering includes the laser-powered electric field probes of the RadiSense series, the modular EMC and RF test systems of the RadiCentre series, the electric field generators of the RadiField series and the USB-controllable RF power meters of the RadiPower family, the RF signal generation boards of the RadiGen series, the RadiMation software for RF measurements and conducted and radiated EMC tests, the coupling and decoupling networks of the RadiCoupler series, and the RF switching plug-in boards of the RadiSwitch series.

Raditeq B.V. is a Dutch company founded in 1992 under the name Dare!! and based in Woerden, the Netherlands. Raditeq B.V. with 35 employees is part of the Dare!! group, which employs a total of more than 70 people.