Exfo FTBx-1750 optical power meter

Exfo expands its portfolio with the FTBx-1750 and OHS-1700 optical power meter

Exfo announced the launch of two optical power meters for its end-to-end R&D, lab and manufacturing test solution. The FTBx-1750 and OHS-1700 power meters are designed for the LTB-8 eight-slot rackmount optical test platform.

The FTBx-1750 power meter is based on a GeX detector that makes it possible for NEMs to test the output power of the industry’s standard iTLA and µiTLA assemblies, and the transceivers built around them.

The FTBx-1750 enhances throughput with its continuous-mode peak-acquisition speed of 5208 acquisitions per second. Its 80 dB range and 300 µs stabilization time allows to simultaneously
measure high and low signals on up to four channels.

The OHS-1700 uses a front-panel integrating cavity to provide the wide numerical aperture NEMs need to test bare fiber adapters, as well as multifiber MTP1 and MPO interfaces.

According to Exfo, the power meter module with integrated cavity allows users to reduce the complexity and testing time of MTP- and MPO-based transceivers used in short-reach data center applications.

The new GeX power meter is also available in benchtop format as part of the LTK-1 Benchtop Optical Kits, where it can be used as a standalone instrument or combined with another power meter or variable attenuator module, and Exfo’s FIP-400B fiber inspection probe to build a compact test solution.


– FTBX-1750 :

  • Number of detectors : 1/2/4
  • Detector type : InGaAs
  • Detector size : 1 mm
  • Wavelength range : 800 to 1700 nm
  • Power range (typical) : 8 to −85 dBm (9 to –87 dBm)
  • Uncertainty : ±(5 % + 3 pW)


– OHS-1700 :

  • Number of detectors : 1
  • Detector type : InGaAs and integrating cavity
  • Detector size : 9 mm input aperture
  • Wavelength range : 930 to 1660 nm
  • Power range : 37 to −55dBm
  • Uncertainty : ±(4 % + 3 nW)