NI’s LabVIEW+ Suite.

Farnell markets the LabVIEW+ suite from NI

  • Farnell now markets the LabVIEW+ suite from NI, which includes LabVIEW plus, TestStand, DIAdem and FlexLogger.
  • These tools are designed for the development and implementation of test, measurement and signal analysis applications deployed in automated test systems.

LabVIEW is the graphical programming platform that has made NI such a success over the past 30 years. It aims to accelerate application development through an intuitive user interface and its ability to connect to any instrument.

TestStand is a software package dedicated to the management of automatic test applications, offering ready-to-use functionalities for common tasks such as sequencing, parallel test execution, report generation, database storage, system and operator interface deployment…

DIAdem is a software package for managing and post-processing measurement data and creating test reports. It is designed to handle large data sets and includes tools for searching and grouping data.

FlexLogger software is designed for data logging. It enables test configuration and data extraction using workflows specific to each sensor type, in order to acquire and record synchronized and mixed measurements, without the need for programming.

The new LabVIEW+ suite, now available from Farnell, enables purchasers to save up to 60% by buying the whole package rather than each software application individually.