VTI Instruments SMX Series of PXIe switches.

Farnell markets VTI Instruments SMX series PXIe switch modules

  • Farnell expands its range of test and measurement solutions with VTI Instruments’ SMX series of PXIe format switch modules.

Software-configurable switch subsystems increase system flexibility, helping to control costs by making it easy to use a single module for different test requirements. The SMX series offers a wide range of solutions for applications from DC to microwave, and from low to high power. SMX Series drivers and supporting software provide standard operation under Windows, Linux and LabView.

The PXI switches series is available in several models:
SMX-2002 (Power), SMX-3XXX (Multiplexers), SMX-4XXX (Matrix Switches), SMX-5XXX (General Purpose), SMX-6XXX (RF Switching) and SMX-7XXX (Microwave).

VTI Instruments’ SMX series PXIe switches come with a three-year warranty. They are backed by 20 years of deployment in aerospace, defense and automotive applications. The series features extensive signal path shielding, as well as integrated isolation and condition monitoring.

James McGregor of Farnell’s Test & Production Tools division commented: “The SMX Series PXIe switches benefit from the depth of expertise gained by their manufacturer, VTI Instruments. Their signal integrity, noise immunity and configurability are well known and trusted.”