Hioki's BT3554 battery tester

Farnell offers a multimeter with every purchase of Hioki’s BT3554 battery tester

  • Farnell and Hioki have teamed up to offer a special limited-time offer in Europe on the Japanese manufacturer’s BT3554 range of battery testers.
  • Until September 30, 2023, a Hioki DT4256 series digital multimeter is offered with every purchase of the BT3554 series battery tester.

The BT3554 series battery tester stands out for its efficiency during battery maintenance checks. It performs the necessary measurements in less than 2 seconds. Covering voltage ranges from 6 V to 60 V and four resistance ranges from 3 mΩ to 3 Ω, this instrument is suitable for testing VRLA batteries of all sizes and capacities. It enables instant diagnosis of battery condition (Pass, Warning, Fail) by measuring internal resistance and voltage.

Measurements can be taken while the battery is connected to its host device, without the need to take it offline. Measured values can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet via the manufacturer’s free Gennect Cross app, or to an Excel file. The Z3210 wireless connection adapter is required for this operation. Various options are available to enhance flexibility and ease of use: Bluetooth connection and straight or L-shaped probes.

Hioki's DT4256 digital multimeter

Hioki’s DT4256 digital multimeter features a dual 6,000-point display. It offers all the AC and DC voltage and current measurement functions essential for this type of instrument (up to 1000 V and 10 A). It also performs measurements of resistances (up to 60 MΩ), capacitances (up to 10 mF ) and frequencies (up to 99.99 kHz), diode and continuity checks, and automatic AC/DC voltage detection. It can also measure currents with appropriate probes.