Ideal Networks LanTek IV cable certifier.

Ideal Networks announces the LanTek IV cable certifier 

  • Ideal Networks launches the LanTek IV copper and fiber optic cable certifier with a touch screen for operation and configuration.
  • According to Ideal Networks, the technology used by this certifier aims to reduce the duration of tests.
  • The certification process in Cat. 6A is carried out according to the manufacturer in 7 seconds including the saving of the results.

The LanTek IV cable certifier covers a frequency range up to 3000MHz, and integrates optional TCL measurements and resistance imbalance. It is also available for Cat. 8 to 2000MHz cabling and future ISO & TIA standards.

The LanTek IV comes with patented VisiLinq Permanent Link Adapters that offer the ability to run tests from the end of the molded cord via a dedicated button and view the results directly on its color ring. The contacts on the RJ45 ends of the Permanent Link VisiLinq adapters are field replaceable.

The LanTek IV can connect via Wi-Fi directly to the portal of the new Ideal AnyWare Cloud test data management system to improve real-time collaboration between teams. This new feature allows you to configure the project information and tests to be performed in advance and then import them into the instruments in order to save time and avoid possible errors in on-site settings. The editions of reports can then be exported to Ideal AnyWare’s Cloud platform.

For fleets of at least three devices, Ideal Networks’ Test4Less program offers Pay As You Test financing solutions to pay only for what you test.

For the purchase of a LanTek IV, offers to take back former certifiers, regardless of their condition, are available with up to €3500 in savings.