Keysight N9042B UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer

Keysight Announces N9042B UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer

  • Keysight Technologies announced the market launch of its N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer solution that covers a frequency range from 2 Hz to 50 GHz.
  • With the V3050A expansion module, its frequency range can be extended to 110 GHz
  • The N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer, which has an analysis bandwidth of up to 11 GHz, enables the testing of components operating in the millimeter wave (mmWave) range deployed in equipment used in 5G communications, aerospace/defense and satellite communications .

“In the mmWave domain, signals are more susceptible to impairments that affect signal quality, such as IQ modulation errors, phase noise, distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, amplitude and phase linearity. Addressing these challenges is critical for designers and manufacturers when characterizing and testing the real-world performance of products operating at millimeter frequencies,” said Kiran Unni, vice president of Frost & Sullivan’s industrial technologies practice.

The N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer, which features a 14.1-inch multi-touch capacitive display, is available in several versions covering a frequency range from 2 Hz to 26.5, 44 or 50 GHz. The V3050A expansion module extends its frequency band from 50 GHz to 67, 90 or 110 GHz.

The analysis bandwidth can be configured at 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, 2 GHz, 4 GHz, and up to 11 GHz using an external digitizer.

The V3050A frequency expander has a filter preselector to eliminate image responses. This “remote head” interfaces seamlessly with the N9042B analyzer, which supports the 89600 VSA signal processing software and has a new processor to perform computationally intensive processing such as demodulation and EVM.

The N9042B signal analyzer can test the performance of transmitter designs with error vector magnitude (EVM) and 5G NR signal analysis software. Transmitter downlink and uplink measurements can be initiated via a single control button.

The RCal receiver calibrator corrects for system path loss and frequency responses up to 5 GHz IF bandwidth without the need for an external vector network analyzer, cabling and manual test plan characterization. The Rcal is integrated into a compact, handheld package. It seamlessly transfers factory calibration data to the Keysight X-Series signal analyzer via a USB connection.