Marvin Test Solutions’ TS-900e-5G mmWave Production Test System

Marvin Test Solutions’ mmWave 5G test system rolls out to production

  • Marvin Test Solutions, a provider of globally deployed test solutions for military, aerospace and manufacturing organizations, announced that its TS-900e-5G production test system for 5G mmWave semiconductor devices is now being used by several leading semiconductor manufacturers including Teledyne e2v, a specialist in components and subsystems for the medical, scientific, aerospace, defense and industrial sectors.

The deployment of 5G mobile communication networks is proceeding at an increasing pace around the world. 5G offers the possibility of exploiting several frequency ranges, including a new frequency range never before used in the telecom industry, in the millimeter wave domain. Millimeter waves, which were previously used for satellite or infrastructure links, will allow very high data rates to be achieved in small communication cells.

The testing of equipment that will operate at these frequency levels therefore requires specific test equipment. The TS-900e-5G system from Marvin Test Solutions is one of them. This test solution, part of the Genasys Semi range of the American specialist, meets the requirements of high-speed production testing of semiconductor equipment operating in the millimeter wave range. The solution is configurable and suitable for wafer and electronic module testing and can be integrated into an automated manufacturing line with appropriate handling devices.

The Genasys Semi 5G mmWave system incorporates vector analysis capabilities to perform S-parameter measurements on production lines. It can be equipped with up to 20 independent ports for vector analysis of signals up to 44 GHz. In addition, its modular architecture meets the need for scalability when testing equipment operating in the millimeter wave range. Its performance will be extended to 53 GHz by the end of the second quarter.

The TS-900e-5G core system leverages Keysight’s vector network analyzers and the ATEasy software suite, which provides MTS software tools for test application development and support, as well as ICEasy, which provides software tools for semiconductor test and characterization applications. The TS-900e-5G system also includes dynamic digital I/O with per-pin parametric measurement capabilities to support SPI/I2C device communications and DC parametric testing.