Keysight PathWave Waveform Analytics software

Keysight offers PathWave Waveform Analytics software

  • Keysight Technologies announced PathWave Waveform Analytics software, an Edge Computing application designed to improve the anomaly detection process and reduce data storage costs by leveraging learning machine algorithms.

Semiconductor designers need to develop circuits and components that are robust and reliable while protecting them from malicious intrusion and optimizing power consumption.

Keysight’s PathWave Waveform Analytics software uses data compression technology to store long-duration waveforms and read them at high resolution. The data analysis capacity exceeds several terabytes. Built-in Machine Learning tools enhance the ability to detect potential anomalies in voltage and current signals and observe transients in the captured waveforms.
# PathWave Waveform Analytics has the following features :

  • Reduced analysis time during silicon pre-validation with patented
  • Machine Learning algorithms that identify anomalies and outliers.
  • Reduces overall project costs by enabling debugging in the pre-silicon phase.
  • Increased design reliability through pre- and post-processing algorithms that detect voltage and current spikes on power and signal waveforms.

# PathWave Waveform Analytics makes :

  • The identification of outlier waveforms through a high-level view and grouping of results.
  • High-resolution data analysis with hierarchical ranking for in-depth multi-level analysis.
  • The retrieval and analysis of any part of the vector data or waveform that has been captured and stored
  • The display of an unlimited number of channels on a single dashboard, with the possibility to pin or move the waveform of the channel under study for comparison.
  • Perform comparisons in several dimensions and refine waveforms for analysis.