Keysight E36200 power supply.

Keysight offers the E36200 series power supplies


  • Keysight Technologies announces the E36200 range of single and dual output power supplies offering more power (up to 400W), a small footprint and a 4.3-inch LCD colour display.

Keysight’s E36200 series power supplies offer the same features as the E36300 series triple output models. Their autoranging capabilities and the ability to combine outputs allows them to deliver a higher level of current and voltage to cover a wider range of applications.

The E36200 power supplies can be integrated into existing systems via the rear output connectors as well as the available I/O and trigger port. The trigger port allows synchronization with other instruments and the addition of an emergency stop command.

These power supplies, which can be controlled by standard SCPI standard controls, are equipped with USB, Local Ethernet (LAN) and GPIB (optional) ports.
# Main features of Keysight’s E36200 power supplies :

  • Combination of two outputs into one to deliver power up to 400 W
  • Ripple and noise < 350 µVrms
  • Accuracy < 0.04%.
  • Local 2-wire and remote 4-wire measurements eliminating the need for an external multimeter
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating protection devices
    Connectivity: USB, LAN (LXI Core), GPIB (optional)

# The different models of the Keysight E36200 series :

  • E36231A : Automatic DC power supply 30V, 20A, 200W
  • E36232A : Automatic DC power supply 60V, 10A, 200W
  • E36233A : DC power supply with double output and automatic autoranging 30V, 20A, 400W
  • E36234A : DC power supply with double output and automatic autoranging 60V, 10A, 400W