Keysight’s M8199A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)

Keysight Offers the M8199A 256 GSa/s AWG with 65 GHz Analog Bandwidth

  • Keysight Technologies announced a M8199A 256 GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with 65 GHz analog bandwidth in a compact 2-slot AXIe module.

Keysight Labs developed a new digital to analog converter application specific integrated circuit (DAC-ASIC) that translates the memory data into an analog signal. In addition, the company created a new package that avoids soldering sensitive radio frequency (RF signals), by placing an RF connector at the DAC-ASIC, thus avoiding signal degradation, plus a new amplifier technology to deliver high speed and quality output signals with a smooth frequency roll-off.

These new components resulted in the M8199A AWG that allows 256 GSa/s with a useable signal bandwidth beyond the nominal 65 GHz even up to 80 GHz.

The M8199A 256 GSa/s AWG delivers, according to Keysight, twice the sampling rate of any AWG on the market today, coupled with at least 50 percent more analog bandwidth.

Built with new Keysight-custom technology, the M8199A AWG enables early research users to load waveforms, test pre-distortion algorithms, create stimuli for physics experiments and generate radar pulses of high modulation bandwidth.

Keysight’s M8199A AWG starts at USD $331,000 for the 2 channel 128 GSa/s version. It will be available in December 2020.