Lumiloop LSProbe 1.2 for electric field measurement.

Lumiloop offers the LSProbe 1.2 for electric field measurement

  • The LSProbe 1.2 for electric field measurement is designed by the German company Lumiloop.
  • This miniature probe (46 x 46 x 114 mm) covers frequencies from 10 kHz to 6 GHz as standard with the possibility of extension between 10 Hz and 8.2 GHz.

Lumiloop’s LSProbe 1.2 can measure electric fields in bands from 0.1 to 1,000 V/m and from 1 to 10 kV/m. A strong field version supports from 10 V/m to 30 kV/m.

This probe allows continuous, unattended measurements of electric fields. It not only measures average values, but also the evolution of the electric field over time.

Linearity, frequency and temperature compensation devices provide accurate amplitude measurements at 10 V/m of 1.3 dB (up to 10 MHz), 1.5 dB (up to 1 GHz) and 1 dB (up to 8.2 GHz)

This probe connects to a compact device to which it is connected by an optical cable for remote control, measurement collection and power supply. This laser power supply process provides galvanic isolation and avoids recharging or replacing batteries. The calibration data, which is provided with each probe, is automatically processed by the accompanying measurement processing software.

The signals are digitized at a rate of 500 kS/s in streaming mode and 2 MS/s in burst mode.

This probe offers a resolution of less than 0.01 dB and has a dynamic range depending on the frequency band concerned of 60 dB (above 6 GHz), 80 dB (between 4 and 6 GHz), 90 dB (up to 4 GHz), and 100 dB in the lower bands. It has a 1 GHz isotropy at 1 GHz of less than 1 dB.