Amplifier and Antenna combinations of AR generate up to 50 V/m

AR and Comtest sign a commercial partnership

  • Amplifier Research (AR) has entered into a partnership with Comtest Engineering, manufacturer of CEM test chambers.
  • This partnership aims to offer more reactivity when installing a test chamber and appropriate test instruments.

AR, founded in 1969, provides a wide range of instruments for driving susceptibility testing, conducted and radiated emission measurement as well as strong field applications, and provides complete EMC systems.

Comtest Engineering is a private company, founded in 1985. It specializes in the supply of RF shielded rooms, reverberant rooms and semi-anechoic or anechoic rooms. The company, which is headquartered in the Netherlands, has delivered more than 1000 rooms worldwide.

Thanks to this partnership between AR and Comtest Engineering, the design, construction, installation and maintenance of an EMC test facility can be carried out by a single supplier.

AR now distributes all Comtest Engineering products in North America. It is able to supply EMC test instruments and systems separately while now having the possibility to offer complete turnkey systems including various types of chambers and all required test equipment.