Live cycle 5G mobile testing

Nokia leverages Artificial Intelligence solutions from Keysight to optimize 5G tests

  • Keysight Technologies has validated with Nokia a new software approach that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis tools to improve the efficiency of the Finnish telecom OEM’s 5G base station manufacturing test strategy.

5G equipment is considerably more complex than older generation technology. This increases test times during the manufacturing process. As 5G deployments accelerate around the world, 5G equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to optimize test processes to maintain competitive delivery times.

The two companies have expanded their collaboration to help the network equipment manufacturer optimize its critical production test processes. Keysight combined its expertise in automated testing and cloud computing using Machine Learning (ML) solutions applied to Nokia’s historical manufacturing data. This has demonstrated the potential to significantly reduce test times. Following this validation phase, Nokia implemented Keysight’s AI software in the manufacturing processes of the Finnish supplier’s 5G communication equipment.

Keysight used advanced software technology, developed by its applied research laboratories, to analyze vast amounts of historical manufacturing data provided by Nokia. This allowed Nokia to adapt its testing strategy based on its data and to optimise its manufacturing test plans.

The new advanced features of the AI software will be integrated into Keysight’s PathWave software suite.