PicoScope 5000D Series has won the Elektra 2018 Test Product of the Year award.

PicoScope 5000D wins Elektra 2018 award in the Test category

  • Pico Technology announced that the PicoScope 5000D modular oscilloscope won the 2018 Elektra Award in the “Test Product of the Year” category at the European Electronics Industry Awards ceremony held in London on December 5.

The Elektra Awards recognize the achievements of individuals and companies in various categories of the electronics industry.
The finalists in the category “Test Product of the Year” are:

  • Qoitech AB – Qoitech/Otii
  • Red Pitaya – STEMlab Vector Network Analyzer
  • Smiths Interconnect – Volta Series
  • Keysight – Infiniium UXR Series

The FlexRes oscilloscopes of the PicoScope 5000D series are characterized by the flexibility of their vertical resolution from 8 to 16 bits.

These PC-controlled oscilloscope modules via USB have a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz for a maximum sampling rate of 1 GS/s.

The MSO models integrate 16 digital inputs in addition to the 2 or 4 analog channels.