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Rentaltec enters the rental market

  • Rentaltec is a newcomer to the test and measurement equipment rental business.
  • The company is young, but its development is based on the solid experience of its executives in this field.

Rentaltec was founded in 2018 by David Saeys who has been able to federate around his project many experienced collaborators in the test and measurement equipment rental sector.

The Belgian company relies on this experience to optimize the services offered to its customers and also to adapt to various constraints, whether technical, logistical or functional, such as a specific billing system.

In particular, it offers its customers short, medium and long-term financial solutions to meet their needs for test, measurement and connection equipment.

The company’s portfolio includes a variety of instruments for installation and maintenance applications in the telecom field (FTTH, 4G and 5G, Data Centers, IoT, etc.), power quality testers, a wide range of electronic test and measurement equipment, as well as RF & microwave test systems used in both development and production phases. A recent capital injection has enabled Rentaltec to make recently purchased equipment available to its customers.

The equipment is stored in Belgium and shipped within 24 hours in most cases. All equipment in stock is tested and prepared with accessories on return from rental. They are supplied with the verification reports allowing customers to establish the traceability of the quality system. They are packaged before being transported so that customers can receive equipment that is immediately operational.