Rigol DP2000 and DP900 Series DC Power Supplies

Rigol offers DP2000 and DP900 series DC power supplies

  • Rigol Technologies is expanding its line of DC power supplies with four new models: DP2031, DP932A, DP932U and DP932E.
  • These power supplies feature a 4.3-inch touchscreen display and fully isolated outputs.

The DP2031 series power supply has three isolated channels (2 x 32 V / 3 A; 1 x 6 V / 5 A (optional 10 A for channel 3)), where the voltage and current values can be set to 10% higher values (e.g. channel 1 : 35.2 V / 3.3 A). The series offers a maximum output power of 222 W without taking this higher setting into account. Connections to the DUT can be made either from the front or for channel 1 / channel 2 from the rear to allow integration into automated test systems. The device offers the possibility to connect two of the three isolated channels in parallel (more current) or in series (more voltage).

Channels 1 and 2 can either be connected to one another externally using cabling or automatically internally and interconnected via the menu. In order to compensate for the voltage drop of the measuring cables, the DP3021 offers the possibility of a 4-wire connection with the “Sense” inputs in order to obtain the same voltage on the DUT that is set on the power supply unit.

For generating particularly small currents, the power supply has two different modes: the high current/low current mode. In the low-current mode, the display accuracy is in the µA range. This display can be used for power supplies up to 11 mA, in order to be able to generate even the smallest currents precisely.

This power supply includes an arbitrary output with a minimum time setting of 1 msec. and 512 samples. Some arbitrary curves are pre-integrated. Any waveform can be output here for both voltage and current. In addition, the power supply offers an analysis function so that the current output curve is always displayed in real time in roll mode and applied to the respective values such as voltage, current and power. So that the data is not lost, you can also activate a trend area in which all data is visible in compressed form. The real-time data can be stored on the device using the data logger function in the internal memory (max. 20 Mbytes). This data can also be stored in an external storage medium in order to make larger or longer storages. An additional form of analysis can also be activated when measuring current pulses in order to analyze their duration more precisely.

The complete series is characterized by a very low ripple of <350 µVrms / 2 mVpp. In addition, these devices offer good line and load regulation with <0.01% + 2 mV / + 250 µA each. The command process time has been significantly accelerated and is <10 ms, especially for integration into ATE systems or for fast programming.

To control the device via the PC, it is possible to use various connections via LAN, USB, RS232 and GPIB (optional, can also be installed later). The DP2031 can be operated completely via web control via the connection to the LAN. The Digital IO interface is used for triggering (both input and output).

As with previous power supplies from Rigol, the DP2000 series also has rack-mounting tools for one or two devices. Rigol also offers test cables up to 10 amps as additional accessories.

DP900 series DC power supplies

With the DP900 series Rigol offers three different device variants. The standard variant DP932A includes all functions such as the Digital IO interface, the ARB function and the high-resolution display. The DP932U is specially designed for the education market and can be upgraded to a fully equipped DP932A with individual functions by means of a license upgrade.
The Education variant is available for a special education price of 379 euros plus VAT and has security inputs to protect inexperienced users. The third variant is offered exclusively in the Rigol online shop https://rigolshop.eu/.