Rigol's RSA3000E real-time spectrum analyzer.

Rigol offers the EMI measurement option at a reduced price for its RSA3000 spectrum analyzers

  • Rigol offers the option of measuring electromagnetic interference (EMI) at a discounted price for the purchase of an
  • RSA3000 family spectrum analyzer.
    This promotional offer is valid until June 30, 2020.

The EMI option, offered with the purchase of an RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer, consists of NFP-3 near-field measurement probes and electromagnetic interference analysis tools.

– RSA3E-1.5GHz-EMI-BND option proposed with the RSA3015E or RSA3015E-TG spectrum analyzer models for 400 € (798 € savings). The RSA3015E and RSA3015E-TG analyzers cover a frequency range from 9kHz to 1.5GHz.

– RSA33E-3.0GHz-EMI-BND purchase option offered with the RSA3030E or RSA3030E-TG spectrum analyzer models for €200 (€998 savings). The RSA3030E or RSA3030E-TG analyzers cover a frequency range from 9kHz to 3 GHz.

The RSA3015E-TG and RSA3030E-TG models integrate a tracking generator.

The EMI measurement option is only available at this price when ordered simultaneously with the purchase of an RSA3000E spectrum analyzer.

Similar options are also available on models in the RSA3000 spectrum analyzer range.