Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes.

Rigol has launched the MSO5000 series oscilloscopes

  • The Chinese Rigol Technologies offers the MSO5000 series of oscilloscopes in six models with frequency bands from 70 MHz to 350 MHz and two to four inputs.
  • These instruments are equipped with a 9″ colour touch screen.
  • The number of channels and bandwidth is scalable, as is access to the 16 digital inputs (MSO).

Several functions can be upgraded with software updates: increased bandwidth, access to 16 digital channels (MSO), memory expansion to 200 MPts, 4 input channels (70 and 100 MHz devices), arbitrary 2-channel generator.

These oscilloscopes also integrate several measurement tools: voltmeter, frequency counter, optional arbitrary 2-channel function generator (25 MHz, 200 Msa/s, 14 bits).

Various trigger, calculation and processing functions are available (1 million point extended FFT, mask test, jitter and power analysis) as well as common trigger and serial bus protocol analysis functions.

  • Upgradable analog bandwidth: 350 MHz, 200 MHz, 100 MHz and 70 MHz
  • 2 or 4 analog channels (scalable).
  • Maximum sampling rate: 8 GS/s (on one channel), 4 GS/s (on two channels), 2 GS/s (on each channel).
  • 16 standard digital channels (MSO probe optional).
  • Maximum memory depth: 200 Mpts (single channel), 100 Mpts (half of the channels), 50 Mpts (all channels).
  • Interfaces : USB, LAN (LXI), HDMI and GPIB (adapter) as well as a USB port for mouse.