Rigol' HDO1000 et HDO4000 oscilloscopes

Rigol’s HDO1000 and HDO4000 oscilloscopes digitize signals at 12 bits

  • Rigol Technologies has announced two series of oscilloscopes in the HDO1000 and HDO4000 families that are distinguished by their ability to digitize signals with 12-bit vertical resolution, thanks in particular to the integration of the Centaurus ASIC developed in-house by the Chinese manufacturer.
  • The HDO1000 series oscilloscopes offer a maximum sampling rate of 2 GS/s. Depending on the model, they are equipped with 2 or 4 channels and cover bandwidths of 70, 100 and 200 MHz. Their maximum memory depth is 100 Mpoints.
  • The oscilloscopes of the HDO4000 series cover bandwidths of 200, 400 and 800 MHz. Equipped with four channels, they digitize signals at a speed of up to 4 GS/s. Their memory depth extends to 500 Mpoints.

The minimum vertical axis setting is 100 µV/DIV for the HDO4000 series and 500 µV/DIV for the HDO1000 series.

Two impedances (1 MΩ, 50 Ω) can be chosen for the HDO4000 series.

The two new ASIC components in these oscilloscopes reduce the noise level to about 18 µVrms (for the HDO4000) or 50 µVrms (for the HDO1000).

The analog/digital conversion of the signals is done with a vertical resolution of 12-bits. A high resolution processing mode allowing up to 16-bit resolution can also be activated on both families of oscilloscopes.

The “Ultra Acquire” analysis mode offers a refresh rate of 1,500 million waveforms per second, making it easy to capture brief or sporadic events.

These oscilloscopes feature a 10.1-inch (1024*800) HD color capacitive touchscreen with 256 intensity levels and color tones for accurate and clear signal display.

The HDO4000 series oscilloscopes can integrate a standard 18650 battery to perform measurements without being connected to the mains.

A variety of triggering, mathematical and signal processing options (extended 1 million point FFT, mask test and power analysis) as well as a built-in signal search function are available.

Serial bus protocol triggering and decoding functions (SPI, I2C, RS232/UART, CAN and LIN) are implemented as standard.

These scopes with voltmeter and frequency counter are equipped with several interfaces: USB3.0-Host, USB3.0-Device, HDMI, LAN (10/100/1000 Base-T) and AUX OUT.

A selection of accessories, such as active and passive probes, high voltage probes (differential/unipolar), various current clamps (up to 500 A) as well as a 19″ installation frame are available as well as software drivers and a web-based tool for remote control via LAN.

Expansion of the bandwidth or memory depth can be done by a software upgrade.