Wireless communication tester from the R&S CMW series from Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz Wireless Communication Tester CMW270 ready to test Wi-Fi 6 access points

  • Rohde & Schwarz offers a test solution for WLAN access points operating in multi-user mode (OFDMA) according to the IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard.
  • The R&S CMW270 wireless communication tester can be used to test the RF characteristics of receivers and transmitters and to determine the data rate in transmission and reception.

The wireless WLAN transmission technology defined by the IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard is characterized by the use of OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) data multiplexing and coding technology. This orthogonal frequency-division multiple access technology is a multi-user variant of the orthogonal multiplexing scheme previously used in wireless LANs. This allows multiple users to share the available bandwidth simultaneously.

However, this technology broadens the scope of certification testing of wireless communication systems using the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

The R&S CMW270 Wireless Communication Tester in combination with the WLAN 11ax signaling test option now makes possible OFDMA pre-correction testing in accordance with the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 specifications defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Thanks to a WLAN protocol stack developed by Rohde & Schwarz and individual access to process sequences, users can perform these tests with just one instrument.

The tests are carried out under realistic conditions and cover the operation of OFDMA in classic single-user and multi-user mode on both WLAN stations and single- and multi-antenna access points (SISO/MIMO). The solution analyzes the sensitivity of the receiver, measures the RF characteristics of the transmitter such as power, spectrum and modulation. It also determines the achievable data rates in transmission and reception.

Rohde & Schwarz also offers the option of limiting the transmission measurements of WLAN devices according to the IEEE 802.11ac/ax standard to the data rates of the user-defined modulation coding scheme (MCS). This feature can be used for certification tests as well as for the development and quality testing of WLAN transmitters.

The R&S CMW270 is suitable for WLAN testing according to the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax standards. It is also suitable for testing Bluetooth devices.