Tektronix TBS2000B Series Oscilloscope

RS Components introduces the new version of the Tektronix TBS2000 series of oscilloscopes

  • RS Components (RS) offers the new TBS2000B series of digital memory oscilloscopes from Tektronix for design engineers, industrial maintenance teams and the education sector.
  • The TBS2000B family is an evolution of the existing TBS2000 series and replaces it with improved specifications at an affordable cost.
  • Their price starts at 1197€ for the TBS2072B model (2 channels, 70 MHz) and reaches 2940€ for the TBS2204B model (4 channels, 200 MHz).
  • The oscilloscopes of these entry-level instruments have a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz and a signal sampling rate of up to 2 GS/s.

The TBS2000B series oscilloscopes cover, depending on the model, bandwidths of 70MHz, 100MHz and 200MHz. Their bandwidth is scalable. It can be extended after purchase without return to the manufacturer of a frequency band with a lower bandwidth to a higher bandwidth.

This family is composed of models equipped with two or four analog channels digitizing signals at sampling rates of 2 GS/s on two channels or 1 GS/s on four channels. It offers a memory depth of 5 million points.

In addition to the standard sampling mode, a “peak detection” mode identifies peaks and an “averaging” mode provides noise reduction when acquiring repetitive signals. All information (waveforms, measured values and menu settings) is displayed on a 9-inch WVGA color screen with 15 horizontal divisions.

The 32 measurements performed automatically by the TBS2000B oscilloscope are accessible and selectable from a single screen without having to navigate through various menus. The measured values are displayed according to a color coding specific to their source. They are displayed on a transparent background in order not to mask the waveforms.

New features include the display of the measured values via a cursor positioned on the waveform. The zoom function allows the user to scan the entire digital recording of a signal and to zoom in on specific details. A “search and mark” function allows the user to identify and mark events throughout the acquisition sequence of the digitized waveform. A dedicated button is located on the front panel to perform the FFT analysis of the waveform.

The Tektronix TekVPI interface allows the connection of active voltage and current probes – with automatic scaling and unit recognition – as well as passive BNC probes. Probe specific parameters are transmitted directly to the oscilloscope and are automatically taken into account by the oscilloscope, eliminating the need to deal with offset problems, for example.

The USB 2.0 ports on the front and rear of the instrument, as well as an Ethernet port, allow the oscilloscope to be connected to a PC and the local network. The TBS2000B can also communicate wirelessly via a Wi-Fi link.

The TSB2000B oscilloscope is suitable for the education sector. Compatible with TekSmart Lab instrument management software, it includes an on-screen tutorial with exercises and instructions for use. The TekSmart Lab software allows teachers to configure and monitor multiple instruments remotely from a PC. Tektronix offers 100 sample lab exercises for download. Teachers can also disable the Auto Tuning, Cursor Display, and Auto Measurement features to help teach basic oscilloscope concepts.

Other new features of the TBS2000B include the HelpEverywhere system. It provides instant assistance to the user when navigating through key menus.