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Semtech and UnaBiz join forces to integrate Sigfox 0G technology with LoRa platforms

  • Semtech, a provider of semiconductors, IoT solutions and cloud connectivity services, announces its collaboration with UnaBiz, a service provider and global IoT integrator.
  • This collaboration aims to implement Sigfox 0G technology on Semtech’s LoRa Edge and LoRa Connect platforms.

The cooperation between Semtech and UnaBiz, which acquired the French company Sigfox in 2022, will enable users to develop solutions combining LoRaWAN and Sigfox 0G technologies, ensuring global coverage suitable for a wider range of IoT use cases, notably for asset tracking through ultra-low-power geolocation in the logistics sector.

“By accelerating the technological interconnection of our devices and software, we offer our customers the freedom to choose the most efficient and relevant connectivity and thus leverage 0G and LoRaWAN coverage, according to their business requirements and sustainability goals,” said Rémi Lorrain, VP Convergence, UnaBiz.

LoRa technology, designed by Semtech, is suitable for IoT applications thanks to its long range, low power consumption and secure communication capabilities.

This collaboration paves the way for geolocation via LoRa Cloud thanks to the international 0G Sigfox network present in over 70 countries. By combining these two networks, the partnership simplifies IoT deployments and improves global coverage, giving developers more options to deliver more powerful solutions.

UnaBiz recently joined the LoRa Alliance as a contributing member, following a series of partnership announcements with several players in the LoRaWAN ecosystem. In April 2023, UnaBiz released the source code for the Sigfox technology software library. Accessible to the general public and the entire IoT community, this library enables the creation of gateways with all IoT communication technologies. This open-source library has facilitated the integration of Sigfox 0G technology into the LoRa Edge platform.