Elektro-Automatik's (EA) high-efficiency power supplies and electronic loads

Tektronix adds EA Elektro-Automatik regenerative power supplies to its product range

  • Tektronix has completed the acquisition in January 2024 of German company EA Elektro-Automatik, which specializes in the design of high-power electronic test solutions for energy storage, electric mobility, hydrogen production and renewable energy applications.
  • Tektronix announces that it has now integrated EA Elektro-Automatik’s (EA) high-efficiency power supplies and electronic loads into its range of electronic test instruments.

“Our customers need to design power electronics systems incorporating new technologies such as high energy density batteries, efficient electric motors, intelligent power inverters and wide bandgap semiconductors. These systems must deliver high power and performance to meet the challenges of electrifying vehicles and a wide range of industrial equipment”, said Markus Schyboll, CEO of EA Elektro-Automatik.

With the acquisition of EA Elektro-Automatik, Tektronix is now in a position to offer a more comprehensive set of test solutions to meet their energy storage and power electronics design needs.

Electronic loads and DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik.

The American company believes it is now better equipped than ever to offer appropriate solutions to engineers and technicians involved in the electrification process in the fields of mobility and industry. “While many companies offer partial solutions for power electronics design, we now have a wide range of products that meet the current needs of electrification processes,” said Chris Bohn, President of Tektronix.

Tektronix’s mixed-signal oscilloscopes and IsoVu probes are used to analyze the dynamics of power electronics performance, while Keithley’s source meters and precision measurement instruments are used for characterization and quality control of semiconductors for low-power/high-precision designs.

With EA’s solutions, Tektronix can now offer solutions of up to 3.8 megawatts with regenerative efficiencies of over 96%. EA power supplies combined with Tektronix and Keithley instruments support voltages up to 2,000 V or currents up to 64,000 A.