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Tektronix Releases 2021 Global Engineering Survey Results

  • Tektronix conducted a survey of nearly 1,300 engineers, test and measurement professionals between April and May 2021.
  • The survey results reveal that respondents are looking for longer product lifetime and expect more technical support from test and measurement instrument suppliers.

Instrument Lifetime
36% of respondents want their test equipment to last longer than 10 years, while about 21% want it to last at least five years.

Engineers surveyed say they want to protect their investment and get value from their purchase over the long term. “This is in line with organizations that offer ongoing service and support,” says Tektronix, which points out that it offers different warranty periods depending on the type of product. The U.S. manufacturer also indicates that it is possible to calibrate and repair each of its products generally for a minimum of five years beyond the date of discontinuation.

Technical support
For 72% of respondents, the service and support offered by instrument manufacturers is one of the most important evaluation criteria.

Tektronix says it is working to meet their expectations by offering new ways of working that can be implemented via cloud-based remote instrument control tools such as our TekScope and TekDrive.

Tektronix says customers appreciate the support provided by the pan-European technical support team, as well as the multilingual European “Center of Excellence” (CoE) team. Online virtual product demonstrations were very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The quality of user manuals (for 69% of respondents), the satisfactory supply of accessories and probes (50%), and the availability of application notes (43%) were other factors of appreciation.

After-sales support
Engineers participating in the survey also mentioned the importance of after-sales support, such as calibration, repair and training. Tektronix takes this opportunity to point out that it has a network of repair and calibration services capable of supporting all brands of test and measurement equipment. The company also offers asset management and factory service solutions. It also provides engineers and technicians with a variety of online training resources, including application notes, training videos and webinars.