Ideal Anyware Cloud Solution from Ideal Networks.

Test reports from Ideal Networks’ cabling certifiers available on the Cloud

  • Ideal Networks offers the Ideal Anyware Cloud solution allowing installers and technicians to manage, modify and share test reports with Lantek IV cabling certifiers.
  • This software tool is accessible via a Cloud platform from any browser on a PC or tablet.
  • After logging in via an interface available in nine languages, the user accesses the test data performed with the Lantek IV cabling certifier.

The system lists the tests by building, floor, room, cabinet and panel for easy management of results. The project manager can thus easily identify the test results of interest.

Technicians working in the field can isolate certain test results and display them on the Lantek IV certifier’s screen. For example, tests for a room and a floor in a particular building can be displayed.

Users can create complex naming conventions, which are then transferred in CSV format from Anyware Cloud to a label printer.

With Ideal Anyware Cloud, project managers can pre-configure all information about a project. This avoids manual data entry errors during field test campaigns. Via the Wi-Fi connection of the Lantek IV cabling certifier, field technicians simply upload the project to the certifier before starting the test. All tests (up to Cat6A) are launched and recorded according to Ideal Networks in just 7 seconds, including optional TCL and resistance unbalance measurements.

Ideal Anyware Cloud allows users to connect to their Lantek IV certifier remotely to troubleshoot failed links.

Once testing is complete, data is synchronized to Ideal Anyware Cloud via Wi-Fi connection directly from the Lantek IV cabling certifier. There is no longer a need to connect to a PC to download test results.

Once the user has logged on to the Ideal Anyware Cloud platform, the system displays a screenshot of the test results (Pass/Fail) but also a summary with key data. However, by clicking on the summary, users can obtain more detailed information, including interactive graphs with several customizable views.

The creation of reports compiling data from any test is also possible. These include client logos and are available in multiple languages, in PDF format, downloadable or shareable. It is also possible to email clients and colleagues a link to access a report.

An Ideal Anyware version for local desktop use is available. These solutions (Cloud and Desktop) are an evolution of the current Ideal Datacenter (IDC) test management system. They offer more comprehensive reporting capabilities, smooth communication between devices and more functionality.

To take advantage of the potential of the Ideal Anyware Cloud solution, DTX tester owners can exchange their existing model for a Lantek IV cabling certifier and save up to €3,500.