EX1403 data acquisition module from VTI Instruments.

The EX1403 module from VTI Instruments acquires 16 channels on 24 bits

  • The EX1403 module from VTI Instruments, marketed in France by Acquisys, is designed to acquire signals from precision bridges and strain gauges.
  • This acquisition module is intended for stress measurement and fatigue testing applications.

The EX1403 module has 16 stress or voltage measurement channels. Each channel is equipped with an independent analog-to-digital converter (CAN) with a resolution of 24 independent bits per channel.

In addition to software-configurable filtering capabilities, it provides an independent signal conditioning device with independent signal conditioning.

Several features are intended to simplify the implementation and configuration of the signal acquisition system: integrated signal conditioning, programmable excitation and selectable bridge configuration, integrated in the instrument and channel-by-channel configurable.

This module, which can be powered by the Ethernet interface (PoE), is suitable for static stress measurements for a variety of structural and fatigue tests, wind tunnel flight load tests, general purpose bridge measurements and material tests.
# EX1403 main features : 

  • 16 bridge and voltage measurement channels
  • One 24-bit analog-to-digital converter per channel
  • Sampling rate 102.4 kHz/second/track
  • Supports ¼ bridge (120Ω, 350Ω or 1kΩ), ½ bridge and full bridge
  • TEDS compatibility
  • RJ-45 input connectors
  • Integrated self-calibration and shunt calibration
  • LXI Ethernet interface
  • IEEE 1588 synchronization with time stamp data
  • PoE Power over Ethernet or DC power 10-30 V
  • Integrated parallel data streaming
  • Integrated web interface
  • Compact half-rack form factor 1U