Terahertz Technologies Inc. (TTI) FTE-7100 MICROTDR Optical Reflectometer

Trend Networks Acquires Terahertz Technologies Inc.

  • Trend Networks, a UK-based manufacturer of telecom and computer network and cabling testers, has announced the acquisition of US-based Terahertz Technologies Inc. (TTI), a provider of fiber optic test and photonics measurement instruments.
  • Trend Networks (formerly Ideal Networks) emancipated itself from its former owner in January 2019. UK-based investment firm CBPE Capital bought from Ideal Industries Inc a majority stake in Ideal Networks which was renamed Trend Networks in late March 2021.

Following the acquisition, Terahertz Technologies Inc. (TTI) will continue to design and manufacture its optical test instruments at its U.S. facility in Oriskany, New York. The engineering, sales and technical support team will remain in place.

Michael Mazzatti, CEO and founder of the company in 1989, will continue as CEO of TTI. He expects Trend Networks to provide premium technical support, develop cloud-based solutions, continue to invest in new technologies, and leverage a global distribution network.

For Paul Walsh, CEO of Trend Networks, it’s about strengthening the UK company’s offering in an industry where the growth in data volumes transmitted over networks is increasing the demand for fiber networks and therefore the need to test them: “Therefore, this acquisition will allow us to expand our range of testers and ensure that we can meet the full range of business needs. ”

Trend Networks will continue to market its line of fiber optic testers that include photometers, fault locators, and reflectometers. New optical test equipment will then be developed at TTI’s headquarters, which will become the company’s dedicated R&D center for optical technologies.

Trend Networks hopes to integrate this new line of testers into its Trend AnyWare Cloud ecosystem, which enables remote collection and sharing of data and measurements from its instruments. This test report management software platform provides access to information from multiple devices and creates test documentation.