Ideal Networks' SignalTek 10G Ethernet Tester

Ideal Networks’ SignalTek 10G Ethernet Tester evaluates the bandwidth of cable networks

  • Ideal Networks launches the SignalTek 10G, a tester designed to measure the maximum bandwidth available on Ethernet networks, identify bottlenecks and optimize the capacity of existing links without having to replace the cabling infrastructure.
  • This multifunctional tester is designed for cable and audio-video installers, integrators, network administrators and maintenance departments.
  • It determines the maximum bandwidth up to 10 Gb/s, checks for Multi-Gig updates on existing cabling and performs Pass/Fail tests according to IEEE 1/2.5/5/10Gb standards.

“Worldwide, the 111 billion metres of installed Cat 5e & Cat 6 cabling is limited to 1 Gbps Ethernet speed because of the switches currently deployed. Until now, there has been no simple solution to verify the maximum bandwidth that existing cabling could support if it was considered to upgrade its data transmission rate by installing new Multi-Gigabit switches that can achieve speeds of 2.5, 5 or 10Gbit/s”, says Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director at Ideal Networks.

The SignalTek 10G tester has been designed to solve these issues. It ensures that the system will support the required bandwidth before making costly investments. It blows real Ethernet traffic onto a passive or active network to saturate it and find out its maximum capacity up to 10Gb/s.

This tester operates by transmitting real Ethernet traffic over the network to characterise, troubleshoot and document the performance of the passive cabling and active network in accordance with 10Gbit Ethernet standards. With a maximum data rate test, the tester verifies how much capacity the link can support without errors in the transmitted data, and determines which equipment or applications will operate on the existing link.

On refurbished or new networks, the SignalTek 10G can be used to test and prove performance in accordance with international standards. It provides data backup and reporting. Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi interface, it connects to the Cloud platform, free of charge, for Ideal AnyWare Cloud test management. Reports can be created in PDF format.

The Ideal AnyWare Cloud platform allows project managers and field technicians to collaborate in real time. The former pre-configure files and tests in advance and then transfer them to the latter to avoid possible parameterisation errors. This Cloud solution is accessible from anywhere via a connection and a web browser.

Using the TeamViewer tool embedded in the testers, project managers will also be able to log in from anywhere on the SignalTek 10G to interpret results, help their colleagues, reduce troubleshooting times and avoid reminders to return to customer sites. Access can also be granted to cabling and asset equipment manufacturers as well as Ideal Networks technical support for more advanced expertise.

The tester brings together a range of diagnostic tools to troubleshoot networks and reduce downtime. For example, the SignalTek 10G can record all events over a 72-hour period to more quickly locate and quantify intermittent connectivity problems.

It can also test installations using PoE power technology up to 90W (PoE ++) to determine possible injector and switch deficiencies or wiring weaknesses by measuring voltages and power ratings to PoE classes, according to IEEE standards.